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An essay is considered as a dreaded task to tackle among students, but it is also an important part of their course and learning. To successfully pass their semesters, students try innovative ways to present their argument or story. For most young individuals, the essay can be extremely daunting as they don’t practice writing and feel intimidated by tricky topics. Most students struggle in conveying their message accurately to the reader as they aren’t fluent with words. Another observation suggests that minority of these students have been criticized brutally in the past by a teacher or supervisor after which they’ve developed a prejudice against writing. They fear embarrassment, and this stops them from trying or polishing this area of academics. Because of this particular fear, students look for alternative options, like an online essay writing service. These services play a pivotal role in their life as they provide highly informative and well-written essays and that too at affordable costs. Although these services have served as tremendous help, the issue is that they interfere in the process of learning and education.

Writing an essay allows a person to raise their opinions unabashedly and fearlessly. They teach you how to think and carefully analyze a situation. This enables you to find solutions, solves problems, and prove your point. To eradicate this issue from the roots, let’s revisit the basics.

Essay and Its Types:

An essay is a short piece of writing in which the writer addresses his or her perspective. An essay is also known as a blog, article, or a paper. Essays can be formal or informal. The formal essays are the ones where you use a professional tone, deal with a serious topic, and they are more academically inclined. In the informal ones, your discussion is more personalized and explores your opinions, stories, and ideologies. There are four different types of essays.

  • Narrative essay: In this type of essay, you will explain or dictate a story. You will try to write it in a way that the reader feels invested and feels like he or she was present in that story. Ensure vivid explanation.
  • Descriptive essay: In this particular type, the writer must emphasize the detailing and minor information. You need to evoke a sense of feeling in them and make them feel like they are part of your story. For instance, if you are discussing a historical feature, give all related facts.
  • Expository essay: Here you need to ensure that all your facts and arguments are on the same page and there’s no sign or contradiction. There’s absolutely no room for emotion in this type of essay, and the priority is given to the factual information.
  • Persuasive essay: This is a form of an argumentative essay where you not only present your perspective on a certain topic but also try to convince the reader to believe in you. Make sure that your arguments carry weight and aren’t light headed.

Now after understanding essay and its types, it is important to know the format of the essay. An essay is usually divided into three sections which are explained below.

The format of an Essay:

  • Introduction: In the introductory paragraph, you have to give an insight into what your essay is all about. It must consist of six to seven lines but do not install heavy information. Give a brief and try to grab your reader’s attention by using proverbs or phrases. You can even give definitions, but you have to make an impression and trigger interest among the readers.
  • Body: This section holds the crux of your essay. It is the most significant part of your essay as it entails the main plot, argument, or information. You provide all related information in this section so feel free to divide it into three or more paragraphs. Organize your thoughts clearly so that it becomes easier for the reader to comprehend.
  • Conclusion: This is the last stage of your essay. You can conclude an essay by giving a moral of the story or by summing up the argument. It is an important part that provides closure so don’t skip it.

Let us now discuss; what an essay is and how to properly write it, following are some tips and techniques which will not only enhance your writing but also make it professional and coherent.

  1. Carry an investigation: Once you’re assigned a topic, go ahead and try to broaden your mind and knowledge by carrying out research. Read case studies, read literary contents, search Google, and utilize all sources of information. Don’t get intimidated by the vast collection of information as that will only give more substance to write. This way you will not get short of information and would possess various arguments to argue.
  2. Present both sides: When you have a long and detailed analysis to provide in an essay, it is considered best to present both sides of the stories. By presenting arguments from both sides, you will have more substance in your essay. In the main body, you can dissect each argument and elaborate the strengths and weaknesses of each side and then in the conclusion you can provide a result or final verdict.
  3. Focus on the sentence structure: After you’ve written the essay, go through it again. Try to find the sentences that are too long or too short. If a sentence is too long and is hard to understand, break into two separate sentences. Similarly, if the sentence is too short, try to amalgamate it into the next point or further elaborate the same argument. This will give a rather mature voice to your essay.
  4. Proofread: The most crucial stage of writing an essay is proofreading. It can’t be emphasized enough how grammatical errors can bring the brilliantly written essay to a low-class Proofread your essay, make final cuts, and eradicate colloquial proverbs and phrases.
  5. Vocabulary and facts: Ensure that all the words that you use in your essay intend to spread the same message across as you want them to. Don’t use words just because they’re fancy. And lastly, make sure that all your sources of information are valid and accurate.
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