Causes Of Procrastination Among Students

Causes Of Procrastination Among Students

Don’t you hate when you have pending academic tasks, but you don’t have enough motivation to complete them before the deadline? Students often procrastinate either because of lack of confidence and motivation or because they are very lazy and sluggish to complete their work. Whether it is about dissertation writing or preparing for the exams; some students cannot get over with procrastination and they continue to delay the important work till the eleventh hour. The idea that there is always tomorrow compels the people to adjourn their work; it may give them temporary peace and happiness but in the long run it can cause them a great deal. Addressing the reasons which make you to put off the work is the best way to beat procrastination. If you want to get rid of the procrastination then, you must discover the causes of it. Some of the specific reasons which cause you to postpone your work and other important tasks are discussed below.

Lack of Interest and Motivation:

People tend to fight harder for their interest than for their rights, you cannot do your work until and unless you don’t have the urge to do it. And the urge to complete the work on-time comes either from motivation or from inspiration. It is not necessarily important that you procrastinate because of lack of inspiration; there are many more underlying causes which deter you from completing your tasks. Other causes behind the procrastination are fear of failure, trouble in initiating the task, stress, fatigue, laziness, and other priorities. You are less likely to postpone your work, if you are focused and clear about your aims and objectives in life.


According to the latest survey, smart phones are the main cause of getting people distracted while doing work and other important things. There are number of options available on smart phones and internet which make the people feel uplifted and happy. Therefore, they prefer engaging themselves in other exciting and fun-activities rather than working. Blocking certain apps, games, social networking sites, and other tempting options on phone can help the people in getting rid of procrastination.

Avoiding Hard Work:

Do you ever feel exhausted because you have to put a lot of elbow grease in your specific task? The fear of working ceaselessly for hours and going to extra miles in completing the task deter the students from initiating the work. Instead of delaying your work, you must get your work done by dividing into short bits and pieces so that it will become easier for you to complete it before the expected time.

Fear of Failure:

Fear of the failure is one of the focal reasons which prevent people from initiating their work. If you have constant negative thoughts in your mind regarding your efficiency and productivity then, instead of encouraging the fear of failure you must be motivated by it. Taking fear and terror as an opportunity can turn the table in your favour and you will be successful in completing your work before time.

If you are the one who always delay and postpone work then, you need to do strict self- evaluation to be more productive in every domain of life.

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