Common Problems That International Students Face In UK

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Getting admission in a university abroad is a big achievement, but it also comes with discrete and unhackneyed challenges. Some of the newly discovered issues are initially quite overwhelming. Not only you have to live in an unfamiliar environment now, but you also have to build a life from scratch. It is extremely daunting and gutsy to leave your family and comfort behind to start over. It is an honor that comes with a price.

Back home, you have a family you can lean on for support, friends who you’ve known all your life and grown up together. You don’t necessarily have to worry about monthly expenses and utility bills as your parents take care of it. Food is home-cooked and delicious. You’re aware of hospitals, laws, and culture. It is your comfort zone and normal. Then one day, you learn that you’ve been accepted into a university in the UK for which you worked very hard. This is an exciting time for you, and you’re elated. However, you’re in this alone. You have to explore new territories and put yourself out there. Be ready to experience loneliness and a cultural shock.

With that being said, it is incredibly difficult to get into a university abroad so you should pat yourself at the back. You have unlocked new opportunities for your future. New friends, lifestyle, food, culture, and customs enter your life and provide a fresh new outlook and confidence. To mentally prepare yourself for all the struggles, following are some of the problems that international students face in the UK.

Once you’re all settled in the new life, you will come to know of a new sinking feeling. It wouldn’t be all bad but not quite good either. You will begin to feel uncertainty as new life will make you miss your home. Going home to visit your family isn’t feasible for many, and Skype and WhatsApp can only bring you a limited amount of satisfaction. This is very common and happens with everyone in that situation. It is essential that you talk to your campus therapist or counselor and seek a couple of sessions so that the feeling doesn’t prolong for too long.

Language will serve as the biggest barrier between you and your new environment. Of course, you can fluently speak English, but it will take time to get used to the accent and little British quirks. This will make you feel out of place, and you’ll miss your home and comfort. It is possible that you won’t be aware of the pop culture references and feel left out when hanging out with your new friends. Also, to complete essays and papers, students often contact essay writing help to get cheap and high-quality content before deadlines.

It is a known fact that living in the UK is expensive. When it comes to foreign students managing finances is even harder. Typically, you’re not facilitated with inside information. Accommodation, bills, grocery, books, and other basic requirement are very costly. This is why getting a part-time job becomes important.

This one is a hit or miss kind of situation. It is possible that you don’t like the temperament and lifestyle of your roommates which can result in various conflicts. They might have drinking problems, or they might invite people over all the time which can interfere in your studying. This is why it is important to voice your problems and opinions to your roommates and discuss with them. Try and find a middle path to avoid confrontations, unhealthy and toxic environment so that you don’t have any extra stressful situation to worry over.

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