Eco-Destinations in Europe: 5 Spots to Get Some Fresh Air


When planning a vacation, we don’t always want to spend time on the beach or climb the mountain peaks – sometimes we just need to relax in nature, enjoy simple life, admire the surrounding beauty and get some fresh air – so that there’s clean forest, fragrant fields and meadows around! Especially for those tourists who are looking for such places, the so-called eco-hotels have prepared perfect conditions. So, the best European places for ecotourism are waiting for you. You will only need to rent a car at rentalcars24h for getting there.

Great Britain

Scotland is one of the excellent places for ecotourism in Europe. The mountain slopes of this country just breathe peace and tranquility, and its northern areas offer excellent options for a calm rest. In Yorkshire, you can choose a wonderful farm or country house – some of them have their own spa and fitness room.

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(photo by Andrew Sweeney)

The cozy Coltsfoot Country Retreat Hotel in the village of Knebworth is located in a picturesque place and provides its guests a homely, comfortable stay and an English breakfast in the heart of nature.

Not far from London, in Bagshot, there’s the Pennyhill Park Hotel with spacious, comfortable rooms, where it’s so nice to relax after a leisurely stroll through the extensive well-kept grounds or visit a spacious spa.


Despite the many modern German cities, which are popular among tourists from all over the world, nothing touches the heart like the lovely villages of the Schwarzwald region in the south of the country. Its ecotourism opportunities are beyond praise – in the south-west of Munich you’ll find the charming and relaxing Alpenhof Murnau Hotel with balconies offering panoramic views of the Bavarian Alps. What’s more, if you travel by car, just an hour drive from the hotel you can find an unforgettable view of the Neuschwanstein Castle.


(photo by Götz A. Primke)

The fans of entertainment will be glad to join the annual festival in the village of Oberammergau. In this region, there’s a possibility for a luxury eco-friendly budget class holiday at the 3-star Höhenhotel Kalikutt, which offers its guests comfortable rooms along with top-class services in the local spa. In the heart of the forest near the town of Freudenstadt, the Hotel Palmenwald is a popular choice among newlyweds.


In addition to luxury hotels on the coast, Spain is ready to offer wonderful conditions for holiday in a rural area. Do you like tasty meals and appreciate good wines? Then head to Salamanca, to the Hacienda Zorita Wine Hotel & Spa, which is a real gourmet paradise, nestled in a quiet place. And if you find yourself in Catalonia, spend a few days in the wonderful Hotel Masia Sumidors, located in a pine forest with vineyards. Nearby the French border, you can spend time in the charming places of the Costa Brava region, for example – in Cadaqués, where the famous Salvador Dali once lived.

Monasterio de Rueda (Sástago)

(photo by Ribera Baja del Ebro)

For getting new impressions – go to the already inactive monastery of Hostal Monasterio de Rueda, where the hotel of the same name is now situated. In the south-west of the country you should visit the picturesque Malaga, in the northern part of which you will be hospitably greeted by a tiny, only 10-room Hotel Molino del Puente – a former flour mill and an olive oil factory.


When searching for the best places for ecotourism, it’s worthwhile to separately tell about country hotels in France. Normandy is full of wonderful old hotels, and one of them is Manoir du Quesnay, which is located just 15 minutes away from the beach of Château d’Isenbourg, surrounded by a beautiful national park.


(photo by Gîtes de France Corse Gîtes et chambres d’hôt)

Guest houses built in the “Gite” style are also popular there – most often they are presented with multi-room cottages or spacious apartment blocks placed in a large private area, owned by one person.

Also, it’s recommended to go to Les Gites Du Cap Corse in Corsica or Gites in the region of Angles – the local conditions for rest will exceed all your expectations. In order to travel around the countryside you will probably need a rental car. Car rental will certainly increase your expenses, but in such a way you can move around the country much faster and easier.


Ecotourism in Italy is incredibly popular – nature has awarded the country with wonderful beaches, beautiful mountain peaks and a great climate. The possibilities for eco-style excursions are really endless there!

It’s worth highlighting another interesting travel direction of “agritourism”. Travelers can learn about the gastronomic features of the country and even participate in the process of making olive oil or cooking dinner.

Casa del Fattore

(photo by Valle di Assisi – 4 star Hotel & Resort)

In conclusion, one of the greenest regions of Italy – Umbria, invites you to the comfortable country hotels Hotel Parco dei Cavalieri and Valle di Assisi Hotel & Resort. Also, pay attention to the hotel Pessighette Dimora di Campagna, located on the coast of the famous Sicily.




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