Healthy and Tasty: 7 Spots to Have a Brunch in Orlando


Vacations are intended for relaxing, which means it’s not necessary to wake up early in the morning. Rather, you can sleep longer and enjoy the late breakfast, which is called ‘brunch’.

If you plan a vacation to Orlando, you will be happy to discover that there are a variety of restaurants offering brunch for their guests. Below you will find some of the best local culinary establishments, and each of them is easily reachable by car. Thus, use Easirent Miami to pick up a rental vehicle and find your favorite brunch spot in Orlando quickly!

House of Blues

House of Blues is known for its live music, and in addition, it offers the exclusive “All You Can Eat” option for a late breakfast. You eat accompanied by wonderful music, feeling yourself at a wonderful concert. Such exotic food as spicy shrimp and other varieties are served along with more common breakfasts, including cooked to order, whether it’s an omelet or bakery products.

Address: 1490 E Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Vista


Ethos Vegan Kitchen

If you are a vegetarian or just want to try something new, then having a late breakfast in Ethos Vegan Kitchen is what you are looking for. Sunday brunch is served there from 10am till 3pm. This is a place where there is no meat in hamburgers and steaks, but the local food is very tasty. The restaurant has an outdoor terrace, so you can enjoy the beautiful weather in Florida while eating. If you want to try something new or you’re an avid vegetarian, you can find Ethos Vegan Kitchen in Orlando.

Address: 601 S New York Ave, Winter Park


Marlow’s Tavern

Perhaps, Marlow’s Tavern is among the best culinary establishments in the city. The whole spirit of the restaurant is maintained in a modern American atmosphere. It’s located in Pointe Orlando shopping center. The menu offers a wide range of classic dishes, from the simplest to the most sophisticated ones, from the big American hamburgers with crispy potatoes to fresh salads. Try there squid, tuna with sauce, grilled shrimps, and Atlantic salmon with seasonings. Prices are quite reasonable, from $4.50 till $20.

Address: 9101 International Dr, Orlando

Brunch at Hidden

La Coquina

There is a restaurant that is really serious about Sunday brunch, and its name is La Coquina. In fact, this is all they do, opening only on Sundays and offering a fixed menu that includes fresh fruit, meat and seafood. The restaurant offers French cuisine in superb performance and year after year it occupies the highest positions in the ratings of the best brunch restaurants in Orlando. The restaurant offers an open kitchen in which you can watch the chefs preparing your meal. The restaurant is located inside the Cypress Grand Hotel, which is located at: 1 Grand Cypress Blvd Orlando. However, you should pay attention – this is not a cheap restaurant, but if you have a sufficient budget, be sure to try the local food.

Address: 1 Grand Cypress Blvd, Orlando

Brunch at Caffe Habitu

Hillstone Restaurant

Enjoy the intricate cuisine of this nice restaurant by trying juicy steaks, seafood and hamburgers in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. Located on the shores of the beautiful Killarney Lake in Winter Park, this family-run restaurant offers a special ambient, excellent food and impeccable service. It’s recommended to taste exotic fried artichokes and Hawaiian rib eye with baked potatoes.

Address: 215 S Orlando Ave, Winter Park


Hue Restaurant

If you want to try the brunch at the restaurant, which occupies the leading positions among all Orlando’s spots in this specialization for several years in a row, you should certainly visit Hue Restaurant. This establishment emphasizes the style of the city and just is a very pleasant place. The restaurant’s ‘progressive American cuisine’ includes a menu that changes every day. Here you can try the breakfast of steak and eggs, Benedict scrambled eggs, pancakes and many other dishes.

Address: 629 E Central Blvd, Orlando



The restaurant serves the dishes of American cuisine with a rich selection of wines and a pleasant atmosphere. It’s situated not far from the Mall at Millenia shopping center. This restaurant shows a rather unusual menu, which includes, for example, chicken breast marinated in buttermilk, shrimp and fruit salad, as well as cioppino – an American-Italian dish of stewed seafood, and much more! Every day you can take advantage of happy hours, which are held from 3pm till 6 pm – during this time discounts for all dishes are available ($3 – $5).

Address: 4158 Conroy Rd, Orlando

These are just some of the restaurants in Orlando that specialize in preparing a late breakfast, allowing travelers to feel home. When traveling to Orlando by car, you’ll be able to discover much more other restaurants, which are worthy of your time and attention.


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