How Continuing Education & Training Can Engage Your Remote Employees and Promote Productivity


We know the office landscape has changed, irrevocably. With the rise of “co-work” strategies and technological advancements allowing for greater remote accessibility, we’ve seen the function of office space shift dramatically. As businesses continue to adopt and adapt to new trends, we see the traditional office format fall by the wayside.

As millennials have entered the workforce, they have brought with them the demand for inherent flexibility in the workplace. The need for a suitable work/life balance among a rising majority of the employment pool has required companies to change their models. As a result, many businesses have begun to offer varying degrees of remote work options, granting employees greater freedom in not only where they work but how that work is done.

Work Flexibility vs. Employee Productivity

However, as professional industries go through this state of flux, we have yet to identify the new paradigm; a formula that will find the balance between flexibility and efficiency. According to recent studies, some companies are actually reporting noticeable drops in employee efficiency among those engaged in remote work programs.

Clearly, letting your employees loose from the office without any direct oversight or parameters is a recipe for disaster. But this should not deter you from exploring and embracing flexible work options. Just because you allow your employees to work remotely does not mean you need to give up the ‘personal touch’ that an on-site office space provides.

The Power of Regular Training Sessions

One option in allowing your employees the freedom to work remotely while maintaining regular face-to-face time is through continuing education and training sessions.

Through regularly scheduled face time with your employees, you can get first-hand insight into how work is getting done, and you can structure this time so that your employees get something out of it too.

Continuing Education & Employee Training

Corporate training isn’t a new concept; it’s been practiced by recruiters and HR reps for years, but – through the rise of coworking and collaborative workspaces – that model has changed. Startups and small businesses are starting to take the idea of continuing education sessions and adapt them to suit the changing demands of the workplace.

Now, employers are finding productive ways of engaging their remote workers through comprehensive, interactive training sessions. By employing the use of coworking and shared workspaces for training sessions, employers provide a collaborative environment for remote employees to engage more deeply with their peers and their work.

Collaborative Training Space

Apart from the cost efficiencies of on-demand office space as opposed to leased space, most shared workplace concepts are already geared toward collaborative engagement. Their facilities are have built offerings that promote social connectivity and interaction.

Now, many are offering training rooms specifically designated for large groups.
These multi-purpose spaces are perfect for gathering your employees for productive group sessions. They offer a wide array of adaptability to suit a variety of professional needs. Whether you need a classroom setting or theater-style seating, these space can be easily fitted to suit your needs.

In keeping with the on-demand nature and accessibility of coworking and video conferencing spaces, corporate training rooms can be rented by the hour or day, with most offering immediate booking options.

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