How Important Does Sandy Petrocelli Believe Athletic Programs Are For Universities?

How Important Does Sandy Petrocelli Believe Athletic Programs Are For Universities?

The athletic programs in the universities have already had a couple of athletic programs which keep enthusing the students to take an active part in these events and also go ahead with this in their career. And with time, as more and more college athletic programs have been organized and has got the necessary exposure, it has come up as a multibillion-dollar industry. Nowadays, it is these athletic programs that have allowed them to create a brand of their own. Since then, the individual sports programs have already started facing the loss, and the colleges have previously capitalized on the importance that they kept receiving.

Sandy Petrocelli, who is not just a sports enthusiast, but also has taken active participation in multiple college sports have seen how these programs have driven the enrolment for the colleges and have highlighted the profile for these colleges. All know how the involvement of sports allows the shaping up of character and as a result of this; parents also show their interest in getting the students enrolled in colleges where such programs are held.

List of Reasons Why Colleges Support Athletic Programs More- Sandy Petrocelli States

For most of these colleges, the athletic programs bring in a huge sum of money. Whether you look at the media rights, the ticket sales or the sponsorship that reputed brands provide once these programs receive popularity, all of this turns out to be multi-million dollars which the college can utilize in developing the infrastructure and giving better coaching to their student all around.

Sports have a charm of its own, and this charm goes to the extent of bringing in not just the athletes but also non-athletes to the college as well. Once the athletic programs get to the focus and are being covered by the media, the respective college finds its focus as well. What does a student look for while selecting a college for higher studies? According to some of the reports presented, job prospects and affordability are the two main criteria that a student looks out for before making a choice. Also, there is a significant section for students who want a stable social life in their colleges. All of this can be met if the colleges can have a couple of athletic programs successfully organized.

Considering the integrity of the college, Sandy Petrocelli believes that it is only Sports that can bind an entire community together. Team spirit and the derivative fan loyalty is the most prominent strength that infects an entire college campus. Considering the University of Wisconsin, it would be right to say that they do not have mere sports teams, but sports culture in their colleges. And this culture is nowhere restricted to the college only; it gets spread wide out to the nearby towns engulfing the entire community in itself.

Sports for long have done its magic. However, there’s more to show. Universities have already started capitalizing sports for their good, and they want to spread it wide with more and more athletic programs in the time to come.

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