How New Teachers Are Able To Survive Their First Year Of Teaching?

How New Teachers Are Able to Survive Their First Year of Teaching

While new teachers have been equipped with all the necessary techniques and skills when they receive their early childhood education degree here , the actual teaching experience may catch them off guard. The first day at school may already overwhelm new teachers and the job of teaching could prove to be not as easy as they thought previously. Busy teachers may spend up to 70 hours a week to perform schoolwork, but at school, home and field trips. Unanticipated issues could send the previously dedicated new teachers running. New teachers may start it all with a sense of eager of anticipation, followed by a phase of survival and then disillusionment. If new teachers manage to endure the situation, they will enter the phase of reflection and finally rejuvenation. Many new teachers have romanticized views of teaching, because they donโ€™t know about the actual facts.

The moment new teachers enter the classroom for the first time, their sense of excitement could fade away very quickly. Even if most of the students in the classroom are quite manageable, various problems and situations may still overwhelm teachers. However, in each class, there are always a few students who donโ€™t listen and are unruly. Despite all the obvious problems, parents can be quite uncooperative. New teachers could struggle the fast paced flow in many schools. Although they have prepared themselves with a lot of energy and internal commitment, many teachers eventually enter a phase of disillusionment. This could happen after undergoing months of stress and constant work. Their morale could get low, when they find that things donโ€™t go too smoothly and they donโ€™t know how to solve the problems.

The first evaluation session by the school supervisor could be quite nerve wracking. It is an indication whether these new teachers are able to prove themselves. In reality, new teachers are in the learning process as well and the first formal evaluation could provide new insights on how new teachers should perform or behave. The evaluation can be weighed heavily on factors that they never expect before. If it is discovered that thereโ€™s a shortcoming, the new teacher needs to improve himself to their best of his ability. Regardless some issues with the evaluation session, new teachers should be able to manage themselves and donโ€™t consider this as a mind numbing situation. Distressed new teachers wonโ€™t be able to perform well and provide excellent learning experience of students.

After enduring the mental storm, new teachers should enter the reflection and rejuvenation stage. After undergoing the stage, teachers should have a brand new attitude. They will be able to rest more easily and organize themselves better to achieve the expected performance level. New students shouldnโ€™t hesitate to enlist the help of other teachers. By working together, new teachers should be able to relieve stress, especially if they find out that their strategies are working perfectly. By doing things properly this year, the following year should become more successful. Regardless of the early challenges, new teachers should be able to build anticipation for better years to come.

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