How Students Can Be Made More Motivated?

How Students Can Be Made More Motivated

It is a clear fact that many students have relatively short attention spans. It is important that teachers are able to motivate students, so they are able to improve their performance at school. Parent involvement is a significant issue during the learning process. There are various methods that we can choose to properly motivate students. We can praise them when they seem to have motivation problem. Regardless of how small their achievement is, it is important that teachers recognize this. When students are well motivated, they will display good works and behaviors while in the classroom. If these students become consistent enough, they can be included in the honor roll, which will become a huge boost in their mental level.

Teachers should also encourage students to expect only excellence. They need to focus on the process, instead of results. It is true that despite their motivation and best results, some goals still can’t be achieved. However, these students won’t become de-motivated by failures, because they focus on the process, instead of the results. If students are consistent in their good motivation and proper processes, successes will be much easier to achieve and better results are certainly guaranteed. Positive results will become a constructive feedback to their motivation and these students will become forever well motivated, regardless of results and situations.Β  Some short terms goals can be easily achieved by being motivated and we should celebrate this situation.

It is also a good idea if we are able to spread excitement. We should show proper enthusiasm in what these students do. Teachers should also show examples of things that these students can understand and imitate. Students should be supported on things that they are interested in, although they can be a bit unusual. Each person has unique passion and student should be given enough room for them to express their creativity. All teaching methods should be intended not only educate students, but also to motivate them to do positive things that can help to improve their quality of life. Students should also be assigned with the most appropriate tasks in the classroom. Each student has different skill and preferences, so they need to be given the most appropriate tasks.

Teachers should be able to cater to their skills and interests. It is also a good idea to hand over a degree of control to them. This will encourage students to enjoy what they are doing and they will become more excited to learn more. There should be a brainstorming session, which can help to implement ideas into real actions. Teachers should tap into the passions of their students. There are also open-format sessions that can be implemented to ensure higher flexibility. Students should be able to relate things that they learn to their lives. Teachers should show how to implement lessons to make the lives of students become easier. It means that schools should provide practical sessions which can be used as real life skills.

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