How to Break the Bullying Cycle at School?

How to Break the Bullying Cycle at School

In many schools, bullying has reached an epidemic proportion. Unfortunately, stricter rules are not always enforced to combat this issue. Other than dealing with the bullying problem, it is also important to know how some students become bullies. By addressing the causes, aggressions at school can be significantly reduced. It is often said that bullies tend to be rather odd in the school and their neighbourhoods. We should know why someone can become somewhat bitter in their daily lives that may result and manifest into bullying behaviors. Acts of bullying could create an environment of intimidation and fear. The urge for intimidating others is a thought process that develops progressively and proper interventions will need to be implemented.

Bullying is essentially an inter-generational problem. Bullying actions that happen in previous generations of students can be passed down to later generations. In fact, bullying actions can be seen as tradition under the disguise of initiation process. This could cause dysfunctions in relationships between students. When a student belittle and abuse others in the school, then we could consider it as a bullying action. Bitterness and anger that affect the victims of bullying could accumulate. Eventually, they will become bullies themselves. Many bullying victims know that it is not appropriate to become vengeful and bully younger students, when they finally become senior students. However, some students don’t take this situation lightly and they actively seek to bully younger problems. This is an unending cycle that needs to stop whenever possible.

Schools should know how to break the cycle immediately. When younger students have just enrolled into school, they need to be encouraged to report any early indications for bullying. This will allow staff and teachers to respond immediately for any bullying attempts. It is important to know that although bullying actions may have been effectively eradicated in the school area, they can still be implemented in other areas. When children return from school, bullying attempts can happen, before they reach home. So, it is important that teachers and parents to work together. They need to know that bullying attempts can be conducted in the neighbourhood area. It will be difficult for teachers to deal with this problem, because the incident happens far from the school.

Parents may escort their children and observe them from some distance as they walk to the school. When their children are ambushed by bullies on the way home, parents could monitor the situation, intervene and deal with the situation in the most peaceful manner. Bullies should be confronted in an appropriate way to avoid further conflicts with their parents. Bullying attempts can be recorded with hidden devices, so they can be used as a proof to deter further actions. Bullies should be barred from doing things that can lead to further bullying attempts. Eventually, the school and the overall learning process will be free from intimation between students. There would be improvement in education processes among students, including for bullies themselves.

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