How to Save in the USA? 4 Tips for Students


Are you a student who is receiving education in the USA? Of course, it’s important sometimes to have fun while studying at the university. For example, in order to relax a bit, you can pick up under 21 car rental in Miami and have a great trip around Florida. However, this requires confidence that your budget will withstand this spending.

It may seem that educational loans are free money, but you have to be sure that it will be enough for the whole year. There are many ways to get as much as possible by spending as little as possible. Here are some of them…

Your bank account

Is it profitable to open an account in a bank located in the United States? This is a question asked by many foreign students who are going to enter an American university.

Some students feel calmer by opening an account in their own country, but for any transfer of funds foreign bank will charge a fee. If you want to stay with a bank that you know and trust, it would be nice to meet and talk with a representative of this bank. You should discuss what opportunities are open to you, what are the benefits, and if any restrictions apply?

However, most students arriving in the U.S. open accounts in banks of America. This makes financial management and financial transactions faster and easier. It would be nice to open an account as quickly as possible after arriving in the country – you can contact the main office, or the branch. Many banks offer to become their customers through online services, but it is better for non-residents of the USA to do everything personally.

The most important thing when opening a bank account is to clarify which services are included in a particular bank offer. Do you have large amounts of money in your account? Do you want to open a savings account? Do you want to be able to remotely manage your bank account? Or perhaps this account is recommended by the university itself?

Before you speak with a representative of the bank, create a list of questions that you want to ask him. Then compare the different banks and select the offer that suits you best.


Stay in touch

When you study away from home, it’s important to stay in touch with family and friends. The most obvious is to get a mobile phone, but there are many other ways to contact them and not spend a lot of money. If you have a laptop and an Internet connection, download Skype or similar app, which will allow you to call abroad for free.

If you have a smartphone, download apps that allow you to chat with friends and relatives for free. Among them are WhatsApp, Blackberry Messenger or WeChat.

If you are going to buy a mobile phone, do it in the United States, because the use of services of foreign operators will be expensive. Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Flickr are also very popular among students who want to share how they live and study away from home.


Taxes and working time

Many students find a part-time job while studying. It supports them a little while in the U.S. But for foreign students there are some restrictions regarding work. International students can work a maximum of 20 hours per week, and it’s better if they find work on campus.

Working on campus is beneficial because it’s located near the place of study. You can work more hours during university holidays. All students with an F1 or J1 visa must receive a social security number that tracks the income of a person at work.

One of the advantages of a side job is the opportunity to sometimes receive discounts. Use this opportunity to the maximum! If you like good books, take a job at the campus bookstore. And what about working in a convenience store to get grocery discounts? Even if you decide to work as a waiter, you will receive non-taxable tips and, most likely, will be able to eat at work.

On campuses, students are paid a little more than the federal minimum wage. This is $7.25 per hour, although in some areas, such as Washington, the minimum wage is higher – $9.19 per hour.


Daily savings

There are many little things you do to save your finances daily. For example, you can purchase an ISE card, especially if you plan to travel around America. The card gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with a large number of attractions throughout the country, and also reduces the cost of long trips.

If you live in a large company of friends, consider options for bulk purchases. This significantly reduces the cost of food. Many supermarkets are ready to share special offers. So, go shopping, take a friend with you and divide the account in half. And remember that fresh fruits and vegetables are not only useful, but also cheaper than semi-finished products for cooking in the microwave.

One of the most popular ways to save money in the US is coupons. Coupon is a printed document providing discounts. The use of coupons has always been popular in the USA, and there are many sites that offer coupons and discounts. Among them – Retail Me Not, Current Codes and Coupon Cabin.

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