Mobile apps that are working wonders in the education industry


It’s easy to think of a time when both parents and teachers considered mobile phones mere distractions to students and their learning. Rather than reading a textbook, students may have opted to read the text message they’ve just received from their friend from across the classroom.

However, mobile phones are now beginning to improve rather than hinder education and it’s something we probably wouldn’t have considered would happen a decade ago. In particular, mobile apps have enabled the ability to form virtual classrooms that both teachers and students can utilise to make the most of their education.  

Whether it’s trying to learn a new subject or organising activities in the classroom by teachers, educational mobile app development has made it easier than ever to create engaged learning for all. Here we take a look at mobile apps that are currently working wonders for the educational industry.

Khan Academy

When it comes to revolutionizing education, Khan Academy may just be right at the top of the list. It’s definitely the top of our list. It provides a unique learning experience that enables students to be fully engaged and get their inquisitive minds working positively and creatively. 

The lessons are all provided in video format and use virtual blackboards to record drawings, just like a teacher would do in a classroom. There’s then a narrator that uses these drawings to explain their ideas. 


Maths can be a tricky subject for some as working with numbers isn’t much of a forte for many. As much as it can be confusing it can be extremely challenging. However, these days are now over with the Photomath app. 

The learning process is relatively simple. All it requires is for you to take a picture of a hand-written or printed mathematical question or equation and the app will teach you how to solve the problem through step by step instructions.


Fancy yourself as a bit of a coder for the future? It’s an extremely complicated yet fun industry to enter and without the use of coding and programming, we probably wouldn’t have had some of the most famous entrepreneurs in the world.

Sololearn can be your one stop shop for everything coding and programming. Whether you’re just starting out or find yourself a bit of a whizz already, it provides a collection of resources to choose from for your coding needs including HTML, Javascript, CSS, Python and more. 


Do you want to learn your desired topics quickly and efficiently? Perhaps you need some tools to help you engage with learning more? Quizlet can be the solution to your educational needs. It has several effective methods to help you learn including flashcards, quizzes, writing tests and more. 

It’s method of flashcards in particular, are ready made in the app which gives you a variety to choose from. You can even create your own flashcards and share them with your classmates or friends. 

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