Night Before Your Test! How to Prepare It Perfectly!


Student years are the best years of your life. Don’t you think so? This is the time when you study hard but always find time for hanging out with friends, traveling together, clubbing, making crazy actions. It’s time when you are free to pick Enterprise Austin airport as the cheapest under 25 car rental option all over the USA and go somewhere over the hills and far away for a weekend. That’s wonderful! But before, you have to pass your exams and take a couple of tests. Are you ready for the test? It is important to get ready physically and psychically to focus on your test.

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  1. Get ready beforehand

There are many things to prepare before the exam. Why? Being prepared beforehand, you save some morning time to get ready. So, what are they, the things you should prepare? Don’t forget to take a couple of pencils, a calculator, books and papers. Also, you have some extra time to sleep. You definitely need some sleep to give some rest to your boiling brains. Go to bed early to feel fresh and active during the day!

  1. Wake your brains and body up!

It is very important for you to stay concentrated on everything that is able to wake you up. What is the best way to do that? Let’s see! You can turn on your favorite music. Try to sing songs to make your brains to analyze information. The music therapy is rather helpful to hype up your brain functions.

  1. Make a perfect outfit!

What are you going to wear tomorrow? Think of today’s weather and room temperature. Of course, your class will be well conditioned and you’ll have to spend long hours there. You should pick something to feel comfortable. If you prefer sweaters to shirts, you can take a light jacket with you in case you feel cold. The same goes with heat. It is preferable to have layered clothes to take it off or put on when it is needed. When you feel comfortable you are focused on your test, but not on your environment.

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  1. Eat WISE breakfast!

Do you have a habit of eating breakfast? You have to eat a healthy breakfast even if you don’t have such a good habit. That’s great if it includes all necessary vitamins to boost your energy and thinking function. How about grains? Wholegrain food is a source of dietary fibres and calcium. Do you like donuts? It can be also a good breakfast only if you put some peanut butter on it. You can easily eat your donuts with a glass of yogurt or chocolate milk. You don’t need to be hungry. Whatever you choose for breakfast, try to avoid fatty products if you don’t want to stay sleepy and hungry for the rest of the day.

A breakfast packed with vitamin C - Cereals with banana and oranges in a glas bowl, a glas of orange juice and oranges and a lemon on linen cloth


  1. Brain exercises!

When you wake up in the morning you should try to read a short story or a poem. It can be something short and easy to wake your brains up. How about to read a chapter from your favorite book or morning newspaper? Easy reading before the exam gives the same effect as stretching before the training. IMPORTANT: don’t try to read exam materials. So, do you want your brains are ready for the exam? Don’t overload it with exercises.

  1. Take some snacks!

Are you going to take a test? It doesn’t even matter what kind of test it is. There must be a break to have a snack or drink water. You can use this opportunity in your own way to refresh your mind and body. Don’t forget to bring enough water. This is the first step to keep your body healthy and happy. What about snacks? You can take such simple but healthy products as apples, grapes, oranges, nuts. Also, it would be great to have a mint gum. This is a sure method not to sleep during the test. ЧSuch an energy boost can make your brains work faster and more effective. Don’t overeat!

Fitness- und kalorienbewusste Ernährung mit Reiswaffeln und frischem knackigem Apfel vor weiß


  1. Come in time!

If you are late for the exam, you will never impress others. Stop and think. How much time do you need to get to the university? What about traffic jams? Just think of some extra time for unforeseen situations. Thus, you will always feel comfortable in a new environment and calm up before the exam. Of course, there is nothing good in wasting money for taxi when you are hopelessly late!

Taking test is a big and serious part of your study. You should be ready for it! All the steps you have just read about are necessary for your success. You’ll see it is not that difficult to go to bed early, wake up in time, have breakfast, and go to the university in a good mood and perfect general condition. Oh, don’t forget to take a brain exercise in the morning! What’s then? Then, after the exam, you will have much free time for traveling and relaxation in a big pleasant company. Good luck!

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