PSEB Exams: Gov’t School Head ‘Collects Money’ Illegally from External Students

PSEB Exams: Gov’t School Head ‘Collects Money’ Illegally from External Students

An administration school vital supposedly gathered cash from understudies, who were showing up for an exam in his school, guaranteeing it is an’ administer’ by Punjab School Education Board (PSEB). The occurrence occurred on February 28. He restored the cash on Saturday simply after the protestation against him was moved to the region training office. The foremost of Government Senior Secondary School, town Jaspal Bangar of Ludhiana, supposedly gathered Rs 70 for each understudy from the understudies of Sri Hargobind Sahib Public Senior Secondary School, Dhandari Kalan, which is a non-public school associated to PSEB.

He had gathered Rs 10,800 from the understudies guaranteeing that it is board govern to pay Rs 70 to the school which turns into the middle. On Saturday, when addressed by area instruction office group on why he gathered the assets, he guaranteed that was for ‘refreshments’ of the staff which is on exam obligation. Bhupinder Singh, vital of Sri Hargobind Sahib Public Senior Secondary School, in his composed protest to the region instruction office said that on February 28, the understudies of his school went to Government Senior Secondary School as it was their exam focus.

The administration school vital Ravi Kumar advised their autorickshaw driver to submit ‘stores’. On getting some information about the assets, he was informed that it is a decision that each school needs to submit assets to the middle. He additionally said that even his own particular school is paying Rs 70/understudy to the school where his own understudies are giving exams. He likewise purportedly said that his school is bearing a cost of Rs 1,000-1,200 on a consistent schedule because of exams for refreshment and different needs of the staff on the obligation.

“On March 1, we sent Rs 2,500 to him and he got back to ask where are more subsidies. I asked him that on what premise he is requesting cash from us. We have never found out about such finances. He said it is a govern of PSEB to pay Rs 70 for every understudy and in this manner since our 166 understudies are giving exam in his school, we need to pay him Rs 11,600. Upon the arrival of next exam, our understudies were not permitted to give exam and requested cash. On the detect, my understudies gathered cash from their own pockets and paid Rs 10,800 to him. A few understudies were not able to give cash as they were from poor families,” said the key.

The dissension was then moved to an association – Nakal Virodhi Adhyapak Front-which is controlled by educators. Sukhdarshan Singh, leader of the body said that the administration school important gathered Rs 10,800 unlawfully and there is no such manage of paying Rs 70 for each understudy to the exam focus.

On Saturday, delegate locale instruction officer Charanjit Singh addressed government school key Ravi Kumar. Whenever went up against, Ravi Kumar said that he gathered assets for the ‘refreshment’ of his instructors who were on exam obligation. He was likewise made to return Rs 10,800 in the nearness of delegate DEO.

Delegate DEO Charanjit Singh stated, “There is no run by PSEB of paying Rs 70 for each understudy to exam focuses. He has restored the cash and it was gathered wrongfully. He has guaranteed that it was for the refreshment of his staff on exam obligation. I will present my enquiry report on the issue.”

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