The Art of Studying: Tips on Creating a Conducive Study Space

 University life offers a lot of possibilities. There are parties to enjoy, friends to make, and classes to attend. It’s an essential part of your life that will affect your life as an adult, so make sure that you do well, mainly in academics.

Students who wish to excel in school have to commit to their studies. Aside from paying attention in class and doing well in exams, you also need to study at home. Having good study skills can help you do well in your academic life, and even in the real world after you graduate.

For you to master the best study skills, you need to create a conducive environment. It doesn’t matter where you live, as long as you can have a place fit for studying. Check out these ideas on how to make your study space at home.

Choose a room as your study space.

You have to settle in a home that’s comfortable for you. If you’re living alone and you feel like the house isn’t going to work, you can sell it to sites like Socalhomebuyers. However, you need to look for a new home or apartment before selling your current house.

If you’ve found the ideal house, choose one room in the house which will be your study space. Studying in the same area is good because you get to decorate it yourself and there will be fewer distractions in the room. It’s better if you choose a place which gets minimal outdoor noise.

Remove possible distractions from the room.

You can change the wall color if you don’t think that it’s fit for studying. Choose colors like blue and green if you want a peaceful and calm ambiance. Other colors like yellow and red can also bring energy and warmth to the room.

Don’t keep items in the room which you know can distract you when you’re studying, such as a TV or your Nintendo Wii. You might be tempted to use these, and you’d end up doing other things when you’re supposed to be studying. You can also remove wall decor that you don’t like.

If possible, don’t keep your phone with you. It can be distracting if your friends keep calling or texting you. If you want to focus on your task, turn it to silent mode and don’t keep checking it every few minutes.

Turn off your notifications from your social media accounts because you can’t study if you keep on checking out your friend’s tweets or your vacation pictures on Instagram.

Choose the best equipment.

Invest in an excellent chair which you’ll be comfortable in while you’re studying. You can’t review thoroughly if you keep moving around, or if the height of the chair is too short. Find a chair that complements the height of the desk. If you can, look for a desk and table set so you won’t have to look for separate pieces.

Lights are also crucial in your study area. It’s better if you can get a room that receives a lot of natural light. When it comes to your desk lamp, check if it’s flexible (so you can move it around), dimmable (specific activities will require more or less light), and eliminates glare (constant brightness with glare filter).


Excellent study space will help you achieve more in academics. Create your distraction-free study space with the right equipment such as a comfortable desk, chair, and desk lamp. Choose helpful decor and wall colors to help you study better.

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