The Best Lightweight Luggage That You Can Buy This 2018


Regardless of whether you live in a small place and need all the storage space you can get, or you just need an extra bag to pack all your things before going back to your home, this foldable travel bag is the answer to your problem.

From hybrid backpack to collapsible spinners, there’s always a simple option, style, and size for every travel that you have.

HEXIN Lightweight and Foldable Travel Duffel

In case that you will end up buying some additional items that can’t fit properly in your bag, this durable and large duffel by HEXIN is one of the best things that you can choose. Its storage has a storage compartment for your shoes, and it also has an 85-liter capacity.

It is one of the top-rated travel bags in the market. What’s more, its RipStop fabric protects your things from tear and water.

Biaggi ZipSak Line

It offers you a variety of folding bags like a micro-fold tote, travel essentials bag, fashion tote, and backpack. But the unique and favorable feature is the spinner. It is available in 31, 22, or 27 inches.

This bags stores like a packing cube and can be folded as a Z-Fold. Its line features like “MicroFold” technology can help you shrink your bag. All of their products are cheaply affordable. Their upright bags have a special feature with four multi-directional wheels and are super lightweight.

iFLY’s EZ-Glider

Try to consider using an iFLY’s EZ-Glider suitcase because it is a lightweight bag that you can easily glide across the airport. It can also hold a lot of things and travel gear.

The measures of this suitcase are 26 x 17 x 11 inches. For your go and grab items, its exterior has a large pocket (unlike the other standard bags that only have a small pocket) and one extra lower pocket.

This suitcase is made from hybrid polyester fabric, and it also has four, spinner wheels with turning ability. It will secure all your clothes because of its interior straps, and it has a designated shoe pocket just to keep all the dirt away from your clean items.

Also, this luggage weighs 6.1 pounds, and it also has a 10-year warranty.

Ricardo Beverly Hills

For a  professional and stylish look, always check a bag that is both efficient and lightweight. The Ricardo Beverly Hills has a 25-Inch Spinner would perfectly fit in your trip and travel. This medium-sized bag has a feature of a fashionable grey-denim, and it is made of unique material.  It only weighs just 7.7 pounds.

Other special touches is an overweight indicator that can help you know if your bag has exceeded. If you are not satisfied with these tips and ideas, you can always check some reputable sites that you can access. Luggage Online is one of those sites that you can trust.    


If you’re one who travels a lot, then you probably know that luggage problems are extremely foul and disturbing. Nobody wants to pay some extra fees because their baggage is heavier than they thought.

It is hard to avoid this kind of situation especially for that person who loves to bring lots of things. It is precisely the purpose of having lightweight luggage. Hence, if you are ready to save some baggage fees without leaving some of your things behind, always choose wisely.

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