The Varieties of Team Building Activities


Team building is managing a group of people working together for the betterment of any results. It is said that “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” The quote states to be true in every manner possible. In a corporate, it’s the manager’s duty to have an effective corporate team building activity. An entire team’s effort will bring greater success to any work rather than being done by a single person. The more the merrier in a project and with the right interactions a team can work for the best results. There are four different types of team building processes.

Varieties of team building activities:

There are varieties of team building activities and each type of team building activities is important. They make us understand the right approach towards developing the team. The development of the team’s skills according to our perspective is necessary to have an effective team. Here are the types of team building-

  • The first type of team building is known to be the personality based team building. This team building process involves the development of the personalities of the team members. It will not just develop the personality of one person but will do it for the whole team. This type of team building usually has personality questionnaire given to everyone. The manager should have done the leadership training courses to act as a leader of the team and carry out the above process.
  • The second type of team building is known to be Activity-based team building. This type of team building process focuses on the activities of the team members. It considers most of the outdoor tasks’ performance in order to build the perfect team. The leader should have the perfect team building done as the team must qualify all the outdoor activities as a whole. The team members should help each other while performing the tasks provided. This process helps develop good bonding between the team members.
  • The third type of team building is known to be skill based team building. This type of team building is usually done in the workshops. This provides the team a platform to learn how to manage conflicts and other things simultaneously. This makes them use their skills.
  • The fourth and the last type of team building is problem-solving team building. This team building process involves the ability to solve problems. The leadership training courses of the leaders help the team to engage in this type of team building. This kind of team building is considered to be applied both outdoors and indoors.

The conclusion states that there are many varieties of team building activities. Those activities are based on the four types of team building. A corporate team building process is carried out by the leader to manage the team properly. The team building enhances the ability of the people to work together in making a change in the organization’s success. Hence, in the team building processes, all the four types are considered important in all organizations.

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