It’s October! That means that you are planning your end-of-the-year trip with friends. If you are not experienced in traveling, you should make a list of the most important questions and think them over. This is the hottest travel season so that you shouldn’t hope for the last-minute plans because you may face all the typical student trip problems. The thing is, you are only 19 at the moment! So…you are wondering what your options are when it comes to booking a hotel and renting a car. These two plan items are the most responsible and money-taking. Can I rent a car under 21? Is it real?



What is the difficulty to rent a car under 25?

Of course, statistics comes first. You may have no problems with renting a car in your age, but you will have just few cars available and so-called young driver’s fee. Why do rental companies do that? Young drivers often get into road accidents. That’s why they charge some extra money to cover their possible spends for car repairing. So, don’t be surprised. Young renter fee is a must for all who are under 25.

What are the age limits?

You can rent a car when you are 20 or 21. But there are regions like New York, where you can rent a vehicle in your 18s. You should check the age limits before you go.

What companies allow young drivers to rent a car?

All major car rental companies such as Alamo, Dollar, Avis, Hertz, and others give their cars for rent to 18-year-old drivers. There are companies like Fox or Budget which allow renting a car to under 21 drivers only in New York.

Which company is the best for your student budget?

Of course, the best rental company is the cheapest company. Check the rates and fees on the website to find the cheapest variant. Car rental apps will help to find the best deal.

Tearing Money



What a good new! When you are a student you can travel for cheap! It’s not only about cheap car rental, but also about cheap flights, hotels, restaurants. Every time when you go traveling, search for special websites for students to get the best deal and save some money for more interesting activities. Here are TOP popular student websites where you can find the best student travel discounts!

  1. Go to STA Travel

This is a well-known website and the most popular place for traveling students. You can find millions of deals and attractive discounts here! But if you use this website, don’t be lazy to read much useful information for inexperienced travelers like visa information, taxi rates, excursion guides, travel guides, volunteering, work opportunities. What is more, this is a global resource so that you can find information about any destination and get your discounts there. So, where are you going? Australia, Africa, Mexico…pick one.

  1. Go to Student Beans

This website can be useful only UK students. Their travel page is rich in different information. You can find discount codes for hotels, transport, travel insurance. Also, you can book an excursion tour for sale! How much is your discount? It can be about 10 percent! You can download this app in your smartphone and use every time you need it. Sometimes, you can find a big discount for clothes, food and drink, restaurant cocktails.

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  1. Go to StudentUniverse

This is a website where you can find exclusive student discounts for all students without country limits. Of course, the choice of discounts for flights is impressive. More than 90 airlines are ready to deal with you! Also, you can get promo codes for booking hotels, excursion tours, transfer.

  1. Check Expedia

This student website is not only about getting discounts for American hotels and airlines. There is a page devoted to discount codes. But here, you can find even more information and wise advices about international and in-country traveling. It is important: you can get a discount only if you are a US student. If you are not, you can still go to the website and learn many interesting things and useful recommendations for young travelers.



  1. Go to CheapOair

This website works like a travel agency. If you want, you can book a flight for cheap, book a hotel, assign for the popular excursions for a big sale. All you need is packing fast! Last-minute deals are also available! You can read about travel insurance, student guides, and all secret places you should visit. There is a student blog where you can contact to experienced travelers and ask them about everything you have in your head and worry about.

If you are traveling student you should check these websites and find one, which is the most promising. Everyone wants to make the vacation interesting. Student discounts will help to book high quality service and save some money you can spend for crazy student activities.

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