TOP 9 Mistakes You NIVER DO Before Test!


How was your vacation? Oh, American people like traveling. They are ready to go far in search of adventures. The opportunities are unlimited! If you are under 25 you can easily take a car from Payless CVG and drive it through the country in a company of your friends. But when you come back home, you can see a pile of books on your desk meaning that examinations are coming. Sometime, it is necessary to work hard before you get some tree time for what you really like. So, are you ready for the exam?

Make a plan. It doesn’t matter how long and hard your way was. If you spend the day before the exam in a wrong way, you can fail your test. Here are the most popular activities you DON’T DO before the exam. Remember them!

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  1. Cramming

There is nothing wrong in studying intensively. What about cramming? It can be a big stress for your brains. What is more, it’s absolutely wrong way to learn new information. It is stressful and non-effective. You spend long and hard learning hours at the night before the exam, trying to put in your head tones of information. It is better to divide your study session into several shorter ones to avoid stress.

  1. Changing your diet

Your diet means much. If you are going to change your diet the night before the exam, you may change your concentration and brain functions. Of course, it doesn’t mean you have to eat sweets and chocolate bars for breakfast as you do it every day. It is better to eat a healthy meal operating the best you may have this morning. Try something that can boost your brain functions easily. What is that? It can be cereals with fruits, healthy sweets, nuts.

  1. Sleepless night

A good healthy sleep is the best preparation. It is very important to sleep well and think of nothing. What if not? If you are tired you can’t focus on your exam, can’t think and conclude. It doesn’t matter whether you have an exam or a lesson tomorrow. A good sleep helps you to work faster and more effective.

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  1. Unprepared

Being unprepared is not what you need. It’s like you are going to build up a house without special tools and materials. It’s absolutely impossible! It’s not only about keeping all important information on the topic in your head but also about those special tools and instrument you may need tomorrow. What are they? They are your documents, pencils, a calculator, books. If you are having online test, you need to check your equipment beforehand. You don’t need surprises, do you?

  1. Study in a new environment

If you feel bored you’d better visit your friends to continue your study together. Of course, it can be very helpful. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to change study environment before the exam. Friends and group mates can be a big help for your study only if they are good at the study subject and are interested in your success. If you are going to continue your study in a company of distractive people, you’d better stay at home!

  1. Social media

Do you think it is so simple to take a 10 minutes break and check your FB page? Of course, it is simple. Be careful! Your short break usually turns into a long hour of posting, twitting, watching something. Don’t you forget about Instagram? You have a couple of unposted pictures from yesterday’s party. Forget about it! It is better to use social media only if you have stopped your preparation and have free time. Make a rule: NO SOCIAL MEDIA WHEN STUDY!



  1. Panic

Do you remember that time when you decide anything in panic? Was it a good decision? Panic and anxiety can be the reason of sleepless nights, bad memory, especially before the exam. Stop panic! Just find some time to relax, play your favorite games, read a book, talk about nothing.

  1. Physical training

It’s ok if you like sport and train hard every day. But don’t overdo! Hard training can be painful and exhausting. It distracts you from taking a test. No doubts, physical training are useful for your brain and mood. But hard exhausting training causes more harm than use. Why don’t you try yoga or walking?

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  1. Caffeine overdose

Do you drink coffee? Caffeine is a good stimulant, especially at night before the exam. But there is a big difference between taking a cup of coffee and 6 cups of coffee. Overdosing is stressful for your organism. It stops your from focusing and effective work. It is better to drink water instead.

There are many different ways to store information. You are having an important exam tomorrow and should be well prepared. Consider all these mistakes that students usually do before the examination day and take a break. Just meet your friends in the cafe and relax by talking. It is enough to stop panic, take some rest, and refresh your mind before the big day.

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