What Are The 3 IB Continuum of International Education?

What Are The 3 IB Continuum of International Education?

IB has been positioned as a standout amongst other educational boards universally, its training matches the global guidelines and offers an astounding educational programme. IB concentrates more on the general advancement of a kid rather than simply the scholastics. IB is isolated into three fundamental sorts of programmes PYP (Primary Years Program), MYP (Middle Year Programs) and DP (Diploma Program), youngsters from ages 3-12, 11-16 and 16-19 are qualified for these projects respectively.

The IB Primary Years Program (PYP), is one of the principal instructive modules structure for elementary schools the world over, planned for students aged three to ten (grades preschool through five). With the assistance of the educational modules and encouragement, it intends to develop knowledge, energetic and physical capacity of each kid, in a secured and enabling way. The PYP gives an instructive modules structure of 5 principal parts:

What Are The 3 IB Continuum of International Education?

  • Learning content in math, lingo, sociologies, science and data innovation.
  • Ideas fundamental contemplations that have comprehensive centrality paying little regard to time or submit inside and across finished requests. Thoughts are presented in the kinds of request that drive the demand.
  • Abilities specific limits in considering, social coordinated efforts, correspondence, self-organization, and research
  • States of brain – Attitude, characteristics, feelings, and conclusions towards learning
  • Bring out some adjustment on the planet

Another advantage of PYP is that being an IB curriculum many international students take admission in this programme which gives students a chance to socialize with different ethnicities and nationals, this gives them a great exposure.

IB’s center years’ program emerged among the various instruction educational programs as it had a completely extraordinary structure. MYP is for understudies from the ages of 11 to 16, and it has a more practical educational module instead of a theory focused, it associates its investigations with the external world to make it additionally energizing and reasonable. Some of the best IB schools in Mumbai which offer the IB Middle years Program due to the advantages it gives, one of them being MLSI (Mount Litera International School) which has a phenomenal foundation and an astonishing staff. Presently let us discover what the Middle Years Program has on offer and how it readies the understudies:

  • Teach them how to deal with their academics.
  • Connect their studies to the outside world to make it more practical, and this guarantees understudies remain intrigued by their educational modules.
  • Doing superior to non-IB understudies is another point of IB. What’s more, more often than not, it is seen that IB understudies do outflank their partners.
  • Students who do the Middle Years Program are better prepared for the Diploma Program when contrasted with understudies who don’t.
  • Thrive in additional curricular exercises and social exercises.
  • This program does not just spotlight on building up the scholastic and additional curricular abilities rather they even instruct their understudies the worldwide deficiencies and duties. They attempt to build up a level of comprehension in their understudies and make them answerable worldwide nationals.

IB Diploma Programme also plays a noteworthy part in the IB educational programs. Here are a portion of the advantages of completing an IB recognition programme:

What Are The 3 IB Continuum of International Education?

  • Acceptance Rates: Graduates of International Baccalaureate Diploma Program have a higher school and school affirmation rates when contrasted with understudies from various organizations.
  • Increased Opportunities: Graduates have more odds of getting grants and financing.
  • Extensive Knowledge: Being a former student of this association infers the advancement of enduring learning.
  • Take Risks: The understudies are taught not to fear in advancing toward new opportunities and vulnerabilities. They are told to live uninhibitedly, can research new methods, contemplations and parts, to be expressive.
  • Broad Minded: The graduated class of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program grasp and esteem their own special narratives, are accessible to the acknowledgment, characteristics and musings of different people. They absolutely search for and evaluate a combination of perceptions and tend to learn from what they have encountered.

International school admission is a piece of cake, but many parents think it is a difficult task which is a misconception as you are only required to submit basic documentation and you are good to go.

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