What is a Plagiarism Scanner and What Does it Do?

What is a plagiarism scanner and what does it do?

If you ever come across writing or checking someone else’s writing – plagiarism check should be on your ‘To do’ list. Why? Because it is very essential to producing high-value successful content which is going to create something instead of just sitting there. Plagiarism is just a synonym of copying and the opposite of original. So, if you want original content – use a plagiarism scanner.

Plagiarism scanner – software, usually available online where users can upload and check their documents for plagiarism. The scanner itself is made up of clever algorithms that read, analyse and compare the text which the user uploads, to the millions, billions or even trillions of sources it has indexed in a database. The results users get allow them to see whether the document consists of original or plagiarised text. While the former can create sustainable long-term value for any project, the latter can be considered garbage just taking up space.

There are many different alternatives and versions of a plagiarism scanner. Some of them do offer a possibility to try it out for free. We do heavily recommend trying out as many services as you can before choosing a premium membership. Premium membership is heavily advised if you are working with texts daily or more than rarely. Such software is used all around the world, in the US, UK, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, China – you name it. People in all spheres want content to be as original as it possibly can. This is the premiere reason people invest in software which can detect plagiarism online and point it out.

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