Which Foods Will Stain Your Teeth?


Our dental health is more important than most people like to admit, and it can especially start to affect our confidence when we start to face dental problems such as teeth staining. Dental work can be expensive, and with the cost of living increasing by the day, the last thing we need is to spend hundreds on restoring the health and appearance of our teeth. There are many foods and habits we can avoid to keep our teeth squeaky clean and stain-free.

Here are 5 foods and beverages you should limit ingesting if you wish to avoid teeth staining:

1.Tea and Coffee

Despite the beneficial caffeine which tea and coffee provides, we should all start to be more conscious of how much exactly we are ingesting daily. Have you ever split coffee on one of your nice white shirts that has never seemed to come out? Imagine what it is doing to your teeth after sipping multiple cups of tea and coffee a day. They both contain an acid called β€˜Tannis’, which overall contributes to the staining of our teeth.

2. Red Wine

For those of you red wine drinkers, it might be time to start reducing your intake of red wine, if not completely stopping it. The dark rich colour of red wine is a common cause of teeth staining. You wouldn’t risk drinking red wine in the room with the new cream carpets, so why do the same to your teeth? Keep everything in moderation, and even if you are only drinking wine on special occasions you might consider rinsing and cleaning your mouth as soon as possible after.

3. Curry

If you are a curry enthusiast, we unfortunately are going to crash your party. Curry contains many teeth-staining ingredients such as turmeric. They are detrimental to your teeth if you are consistently eating such foods frequently, therefore we recommend you cut down your curry night and make sure you have some mouthwash on hand to get rid of the remaining staining foods.

4. Fruits

Fruits of all kinds unfortunately have teeth-staining qualities, despite the actual gut benefits that can provide for our health. Berries such as cherries, pomegranates, strawberries, and especially fruit juices can have staining qualities. Many fruit juices are produced with artificial colouring, therefore their properties are highly likely to have long-lasting effects if your intake is not reduced.

5. Sodas

On the topic of artificial dyes, fizzy drinks like cola and dr pepper are known culprits of causing staining teeth. Their masses of sugar, chemicals, and acids within the ingredients mean they are liable for not only teeth staining but also enamel breaking down.

Of course, many of these foods and drinks are part of our everyday diet and some have other health benefits such as berries and herbal teas. The key is to limit our consumption and remove any remaining food particles as soon as we are finished eating or drinking to avoid the staining process. Here are some tips to avoid staining your teeth and remove the stains if possible:

Tips To Avoid Staining:

Use A Straw – Use a straw when drinking acidic teas and sodas and reduce the amount of time the soda is spent swishing in your mouth, and making its way to your teeth. This will not completely prevent staining but it will of course reduce the risk.

Brush after eating- It might not be practical to brush straight after you eat as you might be in a social setting, but if possible try to clean your mouth after eating at home. There are also chewing gums designed to clean your teeth and freshen your mouth.

Teeth whitening – If you are past the point of avoiding stains and they are already prominent, you might consider teeth whitening or dental surgery. There are at-home whitening kits, but often whitening is done most effectively at a cosmetic dental clinic.

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