Why Should You Plan to Build a Career in Android App Development?


The mobile world is growing exponentially. More and more mobile apps are coming into existence – changing the way we live, socialize, and do business. In such a scenario, getting into the development line is undoubtedly the best career for anyone. But, which stream to choose – Android app development or iOS application development?

Whilst both the fields are profitable, I still go with Android because of the following reasons:

1. Businesses demand Android app development skills

With the plethora of Android application development benefits to businesses, they are eager to hire the Android experts and get their own business Android app launched in the market. This clearly implies that by sharpening your Android development skills, you can easily get hired by these brands and earn heavily.

2. You inhale creativity

Unlike various other jobs, Android mobile app development is a creative job. You get your hands on something innovative each day. This makes your life adventurous and excited. It also adds a pinch of proudness in your attitude when your approach succeeds.

3. Secured Future

With the increasing demand for Android apps, there’s lesser-to-no chance that Android app development skills will not be required in the coming years. In other words, the Android industry will flourish with time and so, the prosperity in the lives of Android developers.

4. Market Reputation

Android holds for 78% of mobile market share. By launching an Android application, you can easily target a major part of the global population. This increases the chances of higher app visibility and revenue generation which eventually boost your market reputation.

5. Less Complicated Work

Unlike iOS, the Android platform provides various free SDKs and coding resources. This makes it easier for the Android app development teams to build apps easily (without facing the complication of starting from scratch) and at the earliest.

6. No Licensing Fees

Since Android is an open-source platform for mobile app development, it does not charge a huge amount for issuing licensing fees, or any other such fees. This makes it favorable for the mobile app developers to experiment with their ideas on Android rather than iPhone devices.

7. You can work from anywhere

Another less known perk of getting into the Android mobile development world is that you can work from anywhere. All you need is a laptop, Internet access and a fresh mind. You can code while sitting at your desk or while enjoying sips of coffee at your home.

8. You analyze your Performance Instantly

Unlike other jobs, Android development let you analyze your performance instantly. You can see the ratings and reviews on your Android application and see how much your target audience is enjoying your work. You can also easily get familiar with the issues they are facing and upgrade your application.

9. You become a Tech Expert

As a professional Android app development service provider, you get the chance to play with the cutting-edge technologies. From fitness wearables to smart TVs and AI-enabled apps, you will be able to work with different hardware, software and approaches. This way, you will be able to go beyond your limitations, and add more to your portfolio.

10. It offers more Career Opportunities

If you have knowledge of Android mobile app development, you can enter various other career options. You can become a tester, a consultant, a designer, an investor or a tech blogger. In short, the Android platform serves you with several other career options, if you ever plan to switch from development.

Now as you know the surprising perks of becoming an Android app developer, are you ready for it? Are you willing to get into the Android app development landscape?

If so, I would recommend learning about Kotlin and other Android programming languages. Also, it will be profitable to learn Android application development by studying the available free apps in the Google Play Store.

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