Why You Fail When Preparing for Exams?

Why You Fail When Preparing for Exams

Preparing for exam can be really challenging for students and many of them are wondering why they don’t get good results, despite their hard work. This can be caused by a number of factors. Although the quality of studying session is important, you should also make sure that you also get enough quantity. As an example, you may have less than 5 hours of study session outside the class each week. Although you have 4 hours of quality studying sessions each week in your home, it is still likely that you don’t study enough. This is especially true if there is a lot of information that you need to absorb, as an example if you are studying law or medicine. You need to study at least one hour each day, preferably including Saturday and Sunday. The study session should also include the practice session. As an example, if you are taking computer or graphics design courses, you should be able to practice at home. You may start personal programming or graphics design projects, which involve all the techniques you learn during the course.

Another reason why you fail is that you get bored easily during study sessions. This is a common problem that affects many students, young and old. It is important to ensure that your mind is fully focused. Music is known to be able to provide proper situation for you to study properly and gain much better overall performance. It is often said that baroque music can produce alpha waves that indicate a state of calmness and focus of our brain. However, each person can be unique and has different musical preferences. You should find out what genre of music that seems to make your study better and can absorb information at highly accelerated rate. As an example, music with happy tune could be good when you feel somewhat bored and need to be more energized during the studying session. However, when you are feeling particularly active, you need to calm yourself down, so you can become more focused with the learning materials. Overall, people can absorb information better when they are relaxed, while being especially creative and receptive.

Another reason of failure is that you don’t review previous exams enough. Although the current exams won’t be identical with previous ones, it can be guaranteed that they have generally similar formats. If you are able to do previous exams, there’s a big chance that you will be successful with this year’s exams. Many colleges and universities provide access to previous exams, but a few may not. It can be amazing that many students don’t use this technique during their study session. Doing previous years’ exams is the actual practice that we can do. We will know how the exam sheet will look and what the common format of each problem on these exams sheets. This is certainly an activity worth doing. By considering the above factors, the chance of becoming successful will be much higher.

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