Young Travellers’ Fast Packing Guide: Essentials To Take To Mexico!

Young Travellers’ Fast Packing Guide: Essentials To Take To Mexico!

You have a break now and ready to start your Mexico car travel! Everyone knows that Mexico is a country to travel by car. Why not? Exotic adventures are especially good in a big company. Thailand, Goa, Mexico are popular touristic destinations this spring. Your road trip has many advantages. The country that is familiar by books and movies seems to be far and inaccessible. It is full of natural and cultural attractions and places of interest. Do you really want to see it firsthand? Just make a list of everything that you need for your Mexico trip to go there with no stress and hesitations.

Drivers License - Teen driver

Young Drivers

By definition, young drivers are students at the age of 18-25. Where can you get a car for your trip? Of course, the first idea that comes in your mind is rent it. There are rental companies that don’t work with youth and cannot be helpful for underage travel. Nevertheless, under 21 car rental Mexico locations will always assist. They know everything about underage driving and needs. There is a popular opinion that young drivers are not careful and attentive on the road. That is not true, but there is a list of recommendations to pay your attention to.

Pay Attention to:

  1. Fast driving – young drivers should be careful with speeding.
  2. Alcohol – almost 30% of all road accidents in the USA are because of alcohol.
  3. Seatbelts – don’t forget to strap into the car.

Packing for Mexico

Footwear to Take with You

Water sandals: water sandals are good for beach vacations. They can save you on the gravel beach.

Topa Moda pumps: these plain but stylish sandals are not good for touristic roads, but the best for night walks and romantic dates. Of course, you are going to stay somewhere in the city and walk through the night Mexico!

Sandal flip flops: a pair of your favorite flip flops will be good for a beach.

Zilker knit sneakers: this is a kind of light boots that are good for excursions, walking, driving. In Mexico you will walk a lot, especially on nature.


Clothes to Take with You

Swimming suits: this is a question of your choice. Just don’t forget to pack a swimwear for hot beach days. Mexican territory boasts the wild nature and lot of beaches. You can stop your car at the place you like and have fun in the water. As a rule, swimwear is available in different colors and prints.

Wrap cover-up dress: this clothing item is very helpful in Mexico. This is a dress, a kind of swim wear and a wrap cover on a cold night or hot day. It is plain but stylish. You can wear it in different ways.

Shorts: underwater swimming, walking, hot hours in the car – the shorts are what you really need for active leisure.

Maxi dress: solid maxi dress is perfect clothes for hot parties and hot days.

Light and airy tops: going to Mexico you definitely need to pick a pair or two free fittings. This can be a light top to refresh your look. This style is rather unexpected but still elegant. You can wear tops with shorts for excursion or maxi skirt for a pool party.

Personal Care Items to Take with You

Anti-mosquito bracelet: avoid chemicals to protect your skin from mosquitoes. It is better to pick the bracelet.

Sun kit: it includes sun protect cream or spray for face, body, balsam for lips. It also includes sunglasses, and something to protect your hair.

Lip Balm 2-18-10 1

Gadgets to Take with You

Skyroam Solis mobile hot spot: if your telephone is full of helpful apps and you need internet connection, you should take Skyroam Solis as a best friend. You can connect up to five gadgets all together. Of course, you may have mobile internet. Nevertheless, Solis is the best way to save money – pay less and get more for your resource.

EReader: reading is good in the car back seat and beach.

Portative charger: don’t forget to charge your telephone after you took so many pictures for your Instagram.

Water resistant telephone case: this is a very helpful case to keep your telephone on the beach.

Accessories to Take with You

Crushable hat: it is important to protect yourself in a hot Mexico. Of course, the hats can be different to suit your clothes and complete your look in one or another way.

Zippered Canvas: this canvas can be helpful in the car and on the beach. It is also good for spending time on nature or at the swimming pool. Zipped canvas takes care about your safety.

Microfiber towel: there is nothing better than a big soft towel to use it for a beach or swimming pool. Microfiber towels usually don’t take much space but quick-drying.

How to hang a towel like a man

There is nothing more interesting than a student travel! If you are young and adventures, you can take your chance and go to see Mexico this spring break. Never forget about the safety rules on the road and safety instructions. Thus, leave everything that is too expensive and bright at home. You don’t need your granny’s pearl necklace in your car. Warm clothes are not what you need. It is enough to take one light sweater to wear at night. If it is windy, you should pick a jacket or wrapping cover.

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